My name is James Padolsey. I’m a Londoner, ex Software Engineer and ex Student Paramedic at St George’s. In 2019 I suffered a stroke; I’m rehabilitating and focusing on projects that I’m passionate about. Right now that’s A Book Like Foo, a book recommendation platform that uses collaborative-filtering and machine-learning to provide highly relevant recommendations.

In my past as a software engineer I worked at companies like Facebook, Twitter & Stripe. Please see my CV. I’m always interested in new intersections, ideas and projects so please get in touch.

Me, elsewhere: twitter, flickr, github, PGP: 053D0BD2.

Take a look at my very latest lockdown project. I’ve applied the dataset from A Book Like Foo to a dating-themed web-app called Love Your Shelf. Instead of people, of course, it matches you with books!

I am also trying to get some disability-related content and advocacy out there, as I feel I have (some) insight to contribute. Please read my article, “Disability: Models, Cultures, Perceptions and the Path to Inclusivity.”