JavaScript is the icing!

I am a strong proponent of layered cakes. I don’t know how to handle a cake that is just mashed together with many ingredients and shoved in the oven — I just end up staring at it, wondering how the hell I’m meant to consume this thing! I prefer to have clearly defined layers, each with a unique palette that, when combined with the other layers adds to the overall symphony of taste.

Of course, I’m not actually talking about bakery; I’m talking about the web, and the many layers that it’s made of. I believe that maintaining separate layers is the best way to move forward whilst offering a usable, functional and accessible web.

I think JavaScript is an afterthought, and I think it’s best for everyone if it’s treated that way. Once you try mixing it into your application you’ll eventually encounter a conflict of layers! A.K.A pissed off users.

I’m not just talking about being unobtrusive; I’m talking about true progressive enhancement, and true separation of concerns, on the server side and on the client side. I appreciate and try to develop by this ideal, because I honestly feel that it is the best way to develop any website or any application.

It’s not just about the end-user experience though; it’s about developing in a way that makes sense. For me, this makes sense.

For me, until I change my mind, JavaScript will always be the icing on the cake!

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