Readability, a noble cause

According to a recently completed report commissioned by the Web Standards Authority, the majority of popular websites do not reach the desired readability standards. Contrast, colour, sizing, positioning and other various aspects all have an effect on the readability of your site. Readability itself is of central importance; without it your message is lost!

As per the details digressed in the mentioned report I have created a jQuery plugin which deals with this issue. By implementing the following enhancements, the plugin ensures your users a visit worth remembering!

  • Continuously varying textual colour makes words easier to focus on while progressing through any particular sentence.
  • In addition, constantly changing background colours ensure the necessary inconsistency when reading text. As mentioned in the report, contrast is of central importance, – this is integrated into the plugin.
  • Whenever a word is hovered over, the report states that the user must be looking for a deeper meaning – to fulfill this need the word in question is subtly re-sized.

You can experience a fully working demo over here. If you are epileptic please don’t visit this link: THE DEMONSTRATION

This plugin is very easy to integrate. Just call the “readability” plugin like so:


Once initiated the plugin will automatically enhance the page in the ways mentioned.

Readability isn’t something to be taken lightly, it’s a serious issue and has been known to have widespread lethal affects across the globe. Web designers and developers have advanced recently in this area but the job isn’t yet done; we have to push for absolute readability. This plugin is only a tool, a tool to enable the world to get that one step closer to an entirely readable internet!

Please consider donating as I had to scour the entire WSA’s report just to uncover the key to readability. The plugin took a considerable amount of time to develop; throughout its creation I continually became parched and/or hungry so please consider buying me whatever you can afford (i.e. this). Thank you for supporting me!


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