Zoomer component for sale!

ThemeForest, one of Envato’s marketplaces, has just launched a “JavaScript” category and within it my new JavaScript component, “Zoomer“. As the description states, “‘Zoomer’ enables your users to closely inspect images by hovering their cursor over them. It’s been built as a robust, unobtrusive and highly customizable jQuery plugin.” Here’s a brief overview of its key features:

  • A fully customizable zoomer for use with any image
  • Works in all modern browsers (including IE6 )
  • This is a progressive enhancement; images will still be viewable when JavaScript is not available.
  • The Zoomer itself is highly customizable.
  • The Zoomer requires NO images – the shadows/gradients are dynamically generated by JavaScript (using VML /Canvas technologies)
  • In-depth documentation including two videos and an FAQ !

See the demo

It’s customizable!

Almost every aspect of the zoomer is customizable, here’s a preview of the jQuery options:

$.zoomer.defaultOptions = {
    zoomerClass: '_zoomer',
    zoomSrc: '',
    height: 150,
    width: 150,
    mousewheelZoom: true,
    defaultZoom: 2,
    maxZoom: 5,
    minZoom: 1,
    feedback: function(x,y,zoom){},
    onOver: function(){},
    onOut: function(){},
    zoomerOverlay: {
        className: '_zoomer-overlay',
        shadowWidth: 10,
        shadowOpacity: 0.5,
        /* Must be in "rgb(r,g,b)" format */
        shadowColor: 'rgb(0,0,0)',
        radialOpacity: 0.4,
        /* Must be in "rgb(r,g,b)" format */
        radialColor: 'rgb(0,0,0)'

Even the shadow beneath the Zoomer is customizable – this is possible thanks to canvas/VML technologies.

Buy Zoomer (currently $5)!

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