A few days ago I posted a survey to gauge interest in a programming-language exchange platform/community. It’s received some interest, perhaps not as much as I would of thought, but I’m still glad for the responses received. We have a relatively okay representation of a slightly biased-towards-JavaScript sect within the larger programming community.

It was not a shock to discover that most people that received word of the survey and took it are knowledgeable in JavaScript. In fact, 81% of people that answered the survey know JavaScript to a high level.

Here’s the rundown of the first question, “What languages do you know to a high level?”:

And here’s the second, “What languages do you want to learn?”:

People could select more than one checkbox, e.g. Bobby wants to learn C++ and Ruby…

Also, “high level” is ill-defined, so is liable to subjective modesty and vanity alike.

Overall there were 77 people that took the survey, and from the survey results plus various other comments it seems that there is interest for *something* to help us pick up alien programming languages/platforms, but we’re just not sure what.

If you’re interested in further pursuing this speck of an idea, please feel free to go ahead. Right now I’m limited on time. I would be very interested in a platform enabling such an exchange. I am sure that it would garner some interest within the community too. I can’t promise anything though.

I am personally looking for someone with an immense knowledge of Perl to tutor me via Skype. But this person should also be yearning to learn JavaScript to a high level. If such a person exists, please contact me.

Thanks for reading! Please share your thoughts with me on Twitter. Have a great day!