Take a stand against IE!

I’ve got a great idea; let’s annoy the hell out of 75% of IE6 users by showing them a “you should upgrade” message, even though none of them have the actual capability to upgrade! Seriously, what a superb idea! It’s like having a “fly to work” sign instead of a train station, when everyone knows that only 25% of humans can actually fly!

Yes, a recent survey by Digg revealed that only one quarter of all IE6 users have the power to change. This minority is made up of two groups: those that simply don’t see a need to upgrade and those that prefer IE6 to other browsers.

So, without sounding too pessimistic, trying to get IE6 users to upgrade is almost entirely pointless! Your efforts would be better spent teaching 75% of humankind how to fly!

I haven’t really got a good idea; in fact, I’m equally as clueless as most of you… How on earth are we going to solve the IE problem, or, rather the “Microsoft” problem?

Have you ever read about that world record that was set when a bunch of people somewhere jumped up at exactly the same time? Speculation has it that the earth was temporarily knocked off its axis, which, consequently saved the earth from a massive meteor strike!? Well I haven’t, but I do have a similar idea that is almost guaranteed to work.

Imagine, if every single website on earth suddenly broke in IE – users of IE would be utterly confused and annoyed – there would be an epic stream of complaints battering every IT department this side of the sun! Eventually it would result in the demise of IE (all versions). So you see, it is possible! Together we can bring down IE, it just takes a tad of collaboration!

Kill it with fire apathy!

It’s not irresponsible; it’s only logical.

I think the personality types associated with workers in this industry (the “web” industry) prevents us from taking the kind of action inherent in other FFS (frequently-found-striking) industries! At our fingertips we have the ability to destroy or to save; with a single line of code we can affect millions!

Take a stand! Indifference will, for once, save the world! Long live Web Standards!

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