Trying to learn Java

I’m off to University in just over a month and I thought it’d be a good idea to get a head start, academically. I’ve applied to study Computer Science, and, as only sense dictates, the first language we touch upon will be Java, the big brother of JavaScript… kidding; I can hear Crockford screaming! So, with all this spare time I’ve decided to learn Java, or, at least begin on the journey!

I downloaded Eclipse and the “Java runtime”, only, of course, to find out that I already had about 10 different Java runtimes already installed. I fired everything up and then stopped; I had absolutely no idea what to create… What can I say? The command-line doesn’t excite me! Yes, I know pretty much anything can be created with Java, even hardware-accelerated games, but all the beginner-tutorials out there only show you the monotonous command-line drivel.

I also purchased a book recommended by the University; I believe it’s the one we’ll be learning from in the first year. It’s called “Objects first with Java” and goes into a tremendous amount of (unnecessary?) detail; I haven’t really got past the first few pages. I’ll tell you something about objects; you’re never going to learn squat about them from tutorials or books. Yeh sure, you’ll get an idea about what they are but you’ll never appreciate the abstraction provided by OO language until you dive in.

Now, don’t get me wrong about this whole University thing; I am looking forward to the “experience” but I’m not exactly overly-excited about the impending course material. I haven’t even begun and I’m already finding it dull; I’ve no doubt that I’ll be pleasantly surprised though… I’m sure the first lecture will prove enthralling!

I’ll be honest with you; I’m only going to University because “that’s what one does after school”. Heck, most people go to Uni for exactly the same reason (they just don’t know it); it’s what’s expected of us. You can say what you want about it but essentially, University is yet another device used to extend and perpetuate the status-quo; i.e. us working and the government getting richer. I just can’t wait; out of uni with a load of debts and then into the monotony of a “career”. Eventually I’ll have additional burdens that will require monetary attention and before you know it I’ll be where most of the British upper-middle-class finds itself, paying off debts… living the dream!

Isn’t it amazing, I haven’t experienced any of this impending fate yet and I already have the capacity to be utterly dismissive and totally negative about it all! Here’s hoping the grass is greener!

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