Chris Heilmann recently posted on how to use YQL to make cross-domain requests, which would usually be prohibited due to the same-domain-policy. I already knew about YQL, but I had no idea that it allowed retrieval of HTML from other sites, via JSON, returned as a single string!

Instead of asking for JSON format, ask for XML, but also add a callback parameter to your query. Voila!

So, in short, YQL allows us to make cross-domain GET requests!

Chris also posted a demo!

With a bit of hacking, we can make jQuery work with YQL for all cross-domain GET requests. UPDATE: I’ve decided to put this in my “jQuery Plugins” repo at Github:

Cross-Domain Ajax mod @ Github

With this mod, any GET request made via jQuery.ajax to another domain will work!

$('#container').load(''); // SERIOUSLY!
    url: '',
    type: 'GET',
    success: function(res) {
        var headline = $(res.responseText).find('a.tsh').text();
// Works with $.get too!

Have fun!

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